Saw Pattern Visualization

For a created saw pattern the program will display the volume- and value- yield with respect to true log volume and top cylinder volume. At this point the user can easily change the diameter, taper, length and the heart wood diameter of the log and analyze the effect on the yield.

By pointing at the boards in the saw pattern the program will provide the board value, board volume, length and board data from the catalogue.

Automatic Side Board Optimization

After choosing center boards the program can optimize side boards with respect to maximum yield. By changing diameter new boards will automatically be suggested in an intuitive way.


Sawing Decision Maker let you set the minimum accepted length for boards, the saw blade thickness as well as an adjustment factor for log crookness, log ovality and sawing precision.

It is possible to have different configurations for each sawline or sawmill within a company.


The analysis tool display a diagram with diameter on the x-axis. On the y-axis the user can choose between volume- or value yield.

Saw patterns can be loaded into the analysis tool from previously saved saw pattern files, they can then be compared to each other. Using this tool, the user can get an indication how logs of different dimensions shall be sawn for best yield.

The analysis of optimal timber utilization can be made across different markets and compared graphically.

Product Catalogue

A catalog of board dimension is built up by the user. For each board, nominal and sawn dimension, wane rules and prices are noted. It is also noted if the board is taken as a center board or as a side board closer to the surface of the log.

It is possible to have different product cataloges for each sawline or sawmill within a company.

Save Patterns

The created saw patterns are saved in separate files on the filesystem.


Printable reports can easily be created for patterns and analytic graphs.